How Do You Feel About The Way England Is Changing?

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    I've never seen so many ghettos as what you find in English cities.
    England is the cautionary tale for uncontrolled migration. I've never seen such dismal failure at integration.
    Once I began living in England, I came to understand very quickly why Brexit had such strong support.

    Entire towns are dominated by singular ethnic groups, and often unsafe for other groups.
    It's estimated there are 50,000+ people who cannot even speak English in Birmingham.
    The murder rate in London surpassed New York in 2018.
    The park next to where I used to live in West London, there were two stabbings on the same day.
    There was a murder a week the following week outside my mother in law's house.

    We left London last year and moved out to Berkshire to get away from the scum, and while it's far better (and pricier), it seems like many of the towns around me are beginning to slide now also.

    I get this alert on my phone from MyLondon news and it goes through the criminals sentenced every week.
    It's nearly always majority Carribean or Asian and sometimes Eastern European.
    It's very rare that anyone from within those communities steps forward and starts a dialogue about the rot within their community, about how they are perceived by other people or about their responsibility to change things. Invariably, there will be some discussion about the blame - government cuts, racism, nothing for young people to do. But never any mention of responsibility.

    And it seems that any person who does try to address the matter is attacked by the media and labelled a racist or something akin to that - even though many of the issues are empirically specific to communities or ethnic groups.
    For example, an article about knife crime in England will almost invariably refer to the majority of the perpetrators and victims being 'people of colour'. But it never goes beyond that. Why is that?

    There has been a multitude of scandals linked to the Asian community. Such as grooming gangs which the police were too scared to investigate. And a multitude of extremist schools espousing misogyny and promoting hatred of English people. But there is no actual discussion about it. Labour have adopted segregationist practices - with gender-segregated Labour party conference in Birmingham and seriously discussed gender segregation on the underground.
    Yet the silence from English people is deafening.

    I often get the sense that many English people are very unhappy and will mutter something about Enoch Powell being proven correct, yet are too scared, or too politically correct to say what they honestly feel about the direction England is going. Why is that?
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    Just reading that shows how things have really declined over there.More murders in London than New York..... Jesus Christ.

    Nobody wants to be classed as a racist I think that's the top and bottom of it, a good few years ago the government,the press etc went hell for leather about stamping out racism and went on witch hunts to expose them then publicly dragged them over the coals.Whilst this was done with good intentions (or just for publicity) unfortunately its created a monster that the criminals can now use as a shield.

    I keep hearing off my mates how the UK is going down the shitter just makes me thank god I left the place
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    This is gonna be a long post.

    A bit of it imo is Subversion by the Saudis and Russians. They’re empowering left wing and minority groups via the media in order to empower the left, this in turn causes the counter empowerment of totalitarian ideologues and destroys the faith in our political system and even in democracy itself. It’s the same in the USA.

    We are the main threat to their domination after all but it’s not all coming from them. They’re just profiting from The mismanagement of our own state and the weakness and ineptitude of our ruling class. Also the Americanisation of our political
    System and the empowerment of minorities we’ve had forced down our throats for several decades.

    The Russians pretty much gave us the script for all of this in the 80’s. They knew if we left Europe they could have far more influence there as the U.K. have always been very anti Russian. No U.K. in the EU means much warmer relations for Russia, a much closer alliance and therefore much more influence within the EU. Cameron asked for reform and was told in no uncertain terms to go fuck himself. This was the obvious result.

    The government are too busy trying to look good and appease all
    sides to actively oppose any of it. The solution means looking totalitarian themselves as the media would have a field day on anything they suggested that would be remotely effective at this point, much like they do with trump but he’s novel in the sense that he doesn’t seem to give a
    fuck. His supporters would still support him if it emerged he was a Pedo (probably is one)

    Likewise with whoever the democrat candidate ends up. Nobody is changing their mind at this point on anything, common sense and logic left the building years ago. Fact and fiction is irrelevant. See Brexit or the last general
    Election for proof.

    The whole script just keeps
    Repeating itself. UKIP and Farage, Brexit Party and Farage, May the hero of Brexit, Johnson the hero of Brexit. It’s just about keeping the tories in and the left out. It’s short term crisis management because people
    Aren’t ready to accept a political party who actually hold the solution to this mess.

    You can see the fracture in the ruling class clearly at the moment and it’s reflected in society. Both sides clearly outlined but nobody saying what they actually mean as they're too spineless and everybody hiding behind a false narrative.

    The People should see through it but they’re too busy virtue signalling themselves to other mindless cunts and empowering the shithouses who want to compound the problem further.

    Either that or they are too stupid to
    Understand any of it and just repeat themselves ad nauseam “Brexit means Brexit” “we voted leave so leave” HERP

    Thanks Barry the plumber, a really convincing and compelling argument for your motives.

    We do need to leave the EU though. It had great potential but it’s been hijacked by cunts like Merkel and Macron and we need to be in a position where we can actively remove the fucking savages who can’t respect the rule of law and clamp down on all the self hatred and hedonism being bred by the mainstream media. We also need to restore a sense of National
    Pride and responsibility and cast out any cunt who isn’t willing to contribute to Rebuilding something we can be proud of with what’s left of this once great country/continent.

    Why should we the U.K. and Germany continue to pay for Macrons failed economic policies? Soon as Merkel the appeaser goes the Germans will take a very different stance.

    The main issue is with ourselves though and people’s myopia. They don’t seem to realise that every single one of our problems stems from over population. The environment, the economy, the issues with the nhs etc, the rise in violent crime etc it’s all a direct consequence of overpopulation.

    There isn’t a single nation in Europe or North America where the native People are meeting the birth rates required to increase the population. Not fucking one.

    Yet our populations are growing exponentially and It’s all thanks to uncontrolled immigration, it’s the immigrants causing the problem. Directly by having a shitload of children.

    Fact check that at your leisure.

    Immigration is the main issue and there’s no other way to slice it.

    Now this is great for businesses and corporations who can keep their cheap employment quotas but its disasterous for everyone else. You only have to look around you at what a fucking shithole this country is turning into. Outside of few investment centres in the cities the country is starting to look like an ex Balkan Shithole.

    Yet to point this out would be met with cries of racism or bigotry.

    The fact is this:

    We only have a finite number of resources in this country and half the dumb fuck public are saying “LET EVERYONE IN ITS FINE WE HAVE ENOUGH TO GO AROUND” on one hand.

    Then on the other hand they’re moaning about the NHS, lack of public funding and lack of opportunity on the other. The homeless problem, the environment.

    As though these issues aren’t a direct consequence of the overpopulation issue that they claim is nonsense.

    You can’t seriously believe that narrative if you’re capable of free thought and using logic, it’s fucking retarded to think you can.

    You need to choose your side and it boils down to us or them. Our own interests and the future of our country or the ‘poor immigrants’ and truth be told, I don’t give a flying fuck about how hard they have it over there, they can stay over there and die for all I care. I’d rather see my own people and my own kids have nice lives and succeed.

    We need to protect our border, our own interests and that will come at the price of losing our ability to virtue signal to the rest of the world but that’s a small price to pay.

    Imperialism was conducted for a reason, we took wealth from there and brought it here so we could have more and lead this life of wealth and abundance. If you hand it all back out to them then we all get nothing. It’s basic maths.

    The cognitive dissonance of people is astounding and atm it’s because we’ve raised a population of fucking shithouses who are too afraid to accept the grim reality of what the solution is.

    Stop immigration and start sorting the wheat from the chaff, remove any immigrants who are not contributing, remove all illegals and reduce the reliance on the welfare state from the lazy fuckers who we can’t remove as they were born here. Then we need to look at ways to redistribute the wealth via taxation amongst the people who actually contribute.

    This won’t happen though until
    It’s gone to far, like it did in Germany at the end of the Weimar Republic and horrendous things will happen again and it’s all because stupid people don’t think logically anymore.

    Fact is irrelevant, it’s all about narrative and emotion and to fuck with the consequences.

    They say adults only learn via great Trauma..... Our generation is about to learn its lesson, just as the ones prior to us did.

    In the meantime the right and left will battle it out in the media and we’ll have to watch it go to shit as nobody fixes anything as there’s really no political solution left now. It’s gone too far.

    We’ve got maybe ten years until the feds recent influx of cash runs out and the US economy tanks again, then It’s gonna get really fucking dark as people
    get desperate, it’s at that point the people who are too weak to accept reality now will be forced to accept it and it’ll be too late for a political solution then.

    In 100 years they’ll be looking back on this asking why we didn’t stop it and the left will have a lot to answer for.

    But we only have ourselves and our own apathy to blame. People get the government they deserve......

    Their little experiment with democracy and integration is as good as over but the immediate future is bleak.
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