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How Much Do You Reckon Gear Messes With Your Head?

Discussion in 'Performance Enhancing Drugs' started by Arterial Dan, Jun 29, 2016.

  1. Arterial Dan

    Arterial Dan Administrator Staff Member

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    Besides Tren/EQ, what gear do you think affects your mind and in what manner does it affect it?
  2. Grimnir

    Grimnir The black triangle is God

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    Anxiety increase from deca, didn't get it first few times I used it, but the last time there was a definite increase. @Arterial Dan did you just mean negative sides?
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  3. Kratos

    Kratos Elite Member

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    I'm probably in the minority but I actually feel better "on" gear. Increased test elevates my mood. No extra aggression no paranoia. No mood swings. I don't drink or do reccys don't know whether that's why
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  4. Doby

    Doby Elite Member

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    Test up to 500 makes me happy

    Deca, moody
    Tren, bi polar
    Eq, anxiety

    Anavar nothing
    Gh makes me feel wonderful
    T3 lethargic and anxious
    Dnp generally feel shit
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  5. Dirty Harry

    Dirty Harry Moderator Staff Member

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    For me, test alone was ok, just got a bit too cock-sure of myself, invincible and that I could do no wrong, more blunt/direct, for me though, the real problems I noticed came with the introduction of EQ alongside that, whether that was JUST EQ's doing, I don't know, and won't ever find out, but when I look back, the decisions I made when on it (and at the time, I could see nothing wrong with my mindset) it's pretty horrifying really and only now some 3 years on, am starting to feel like my system is fully clear.
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  6. tomlet1

    tomlet1 Elite Member

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    Tren seems to be the only thing that messes with my (havnt used EQ although just started).

    On tren, my over analysing/stressing is alot worse. Can be detatched/irritable too.
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  7. The Red Meat Kid

    The Red Meat Kid Elite Member

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    Experienced small bouts of psychosis on high tren for extended periods
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  8. spearman

    spearman Elite Member

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    The only thing that negatively affects me is EQ. I really believe that played a huge part in my melt down few years back.
    Test maybe makes feel a little more assertive & more like how I was when I was in my 20's
    I've had anxiety from winny, but I was in a great place at the time.

    My views are it all depends on your mental state at the time. Things can either exaggerate an existing "condition" or help elevate it. These are powerful hormones we are messing with & think that doesn't effect your mental state is naive.
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  9. Roy@/_

    Roy@/_ Elite Member

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    Test for the most part I feel great...most others fuck with me which is why I'm reluctant to use anything else.
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  10. Slight of hand

    Slight of hand The bed you sleep in....

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    good post and ime - very true.

    The anxiety and crushing "up and down days"....just awful. I'd agree with body and mind reset, it takes fucking ages. I'm not sure it's possible to ever get to where you were prior to using gear, the endo system doesn't like its haemostatic equilibrium being disturbed.

    Also agree with EQ, I think its psychological effects are the most misreported or underplayed. The horrors I suffered were like Tramadol withdrawal (and most of you know that feeling)
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2016
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  11. andyboro

    andyboro Fat

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    I've changed significantly since going back on.. there's been other things going on too but confidence and less patience of other people's sh!t is a definite thing now.

    My life is changing massively at the moment and I do wonder what part screwing with my hormones has played in all of it. It's just really hard to say.

    Nothing in the way of anxiety or anger issues or owt like that ever and *almost* every decision has been made while expecting a positive outcome.
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  12. Arterial Dan

    Arterial Dan Administrator Staff Member

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    General consensus is that certains meds seem to amplify emotional states. (Same as my own view.)

    For those who agree with the above statement - was there a background issue causing the anxiety or altered state of mind you were experiencing?

    Did anyone experience the amplified emotional state despite the (perceived) absence of an external cause?
  13. Clubber Lang

    Clubber Lang Elite Member

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    im fine on most things. If anything high dose of tren makes me a cunt, i'll admit to that as i know i am when im on it. Snappy and argue about BS. Just have temper issues on it.
    high dose bold shuts me down badly, to the point where i can be arsed shagging.
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  14. Arterial Dan

    Arterial Dan Administrator Staff Member

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    My own 2c

    Test Prop - slightly more aggressive
    Other Tests - slight feeling of elation, increased confidence, increased risk-taking
    Mast E - no noticeable difference
    Mast A - no noticeable difference
    Tren E - Increased anxiety, suspicion, paranoia if personal life isn't right. Bi-polar like symptoms if personal life is struggling. No issues if personal life is balanced
    Tren A - more aggressive, elation, confidence, not as bad as Tren E for sides
    Deca - slightly depressed
    NPP - slight elation if run alongside prop
    Dbol - significant feelings of elation, confidence
    Oxy - nothing noticable
    Winny - not sure, but may affect anxiety
    HcG - feel content
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  15. Ronnie_Malenko

    Ronnie_Malenko Elite Member

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    Only thing that fucks me is high eq and high test and tren together...

    Everything else feel great relli