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    My 96 years old Grandad passed away last night ,he got admited for huge heart attack the day before I was released 50 feet away from the funny farm a week ago .....actually no funny farm disrespect . I'd handed my self in to the acute assesment ward ,the place before you are accessed to be sectioned or reassessed ,where I was detained  [my idea-ouch ] for 7 days. No gov section....I was ready 2 get out. My mind is focusing.

    Now Temp staying with Dada who lives in lovely Bedford ,not my previous UK town but meant I can could correct the mistake of my mums passing 5 years ago and stay awake everynight and visit him in Bedford hospital, no1 should die alone,at least the presence of a loved one there, this pic2 days ago and he was talking as normal ,they did a scan and found cancer [fukin c word again-fuck u] lung cancer + heart was shattered by heart attack.

    The doc said a miracle he survived the heart attact but to be chatting and sitting up the day after chatting was amazing, one strong motherfucker.

    Last night 9pm, he'd just shook his head for no milk, I let go if his hand to sort out my net book as I was the [only] person to offer to stay all night,all day everyday .....done it alone before, family turn up last few days to be hero's. Let them have their moment.

    Now I hear some family are shitty with me cause I aided his heart attack thru worry about me in Thailand......some of family are ignorant fukin cnuts ....hmm, I've learnt not to lose my rag and use a foul mouth,I will keep it together.

    They see to think me and think [rightly in Thailand] I was a junkie ,still am, no BS ,PT I admit but 5% of what I was but I did all there jobs for them so fuk it, I was there when he went ,no pain.


    Just another WWII D-day vet fades away.

    I feel stronger now ,sorry most of you don't probably know me but this man I am am so proud of.

    Dignity in Death like my Mum. I wish I hadn't self detained my junkie ass or I would of had more time for him but I guess it would of been a fukhed me saying goodbye.


    Sorry for lost post ,a few of you understand I hope.

    It's like posting a progress pic to me.

    Peace Private William H ,love you lots. Served your country, a dying breed or braveness and a  display to me of stupid things I've done.

    Thank you.x


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    Rip old fella!!
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    Thanks mate!
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    RIP William.
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    Condolences mate.
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    96.. good innings!

    Nice for him to have you there at the end, bet that meant a lot.
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    Condolences mate.
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    Sorry to hear that buddy. 
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    Condolences bud
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    Sad news that mate

    RIP William
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    In my thoughts mate.

    Looks like the old fella was at peace with himself and the world from the picture

    Family in-fighting/bitching is commonplace during times like this.When the time is right give yourself a pat on the back, because what you did with him during the final moments, not everybody can do!!

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    condolonces mate.
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    Thanks to everyone sincerely, I was happy to be there!
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    RIP private H.

    Condolences Ethan, people can tend to feel odd things at times like this. Just breathe and take everything with a pinch of salt while it's still raw. And good luck pal.
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    RIP William