LEW (sigh) bioavailability

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    Starting back at full steam soon and incorparating LEW this time.

    I know the "Rocky style Raw" downing the white brings up the bioavailability issue but as the LEW are slightly heated do I still need to cook them to get full benefit of can I GH15 down them with skim milk, fine oats and some whey.

    If I have to microwave a quickie omelette out of them to throw on the tuna/pasta/pineapple its not a prob as I have no taste buds, I will eat anything and I won't cheat anymore.

    I will be eating the same 2 meals in rotation throughtout the day very low fat and I will add a Milk-LEW-whey-fine oats shake after every pasta/tuna/pineapple meal.

    This is how I "should/did" roll at my previous best a year ago at 200Ib.....back at 194Ib now and I am still only at 50%  performeance  so at best half assed.

    Compared to 8weeks ago though, night and day. Getting mentally stronger as I grow.

    Also no gear in me apart f rom the tiny tale end of testE taper out but that 6 weeks+ ago I'd say so a lot to b said for muscle memory and getting your cals in plus training pretty much spot on for my body.

    Just hestitant pulling the trigger.
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    no idea...

    tho pull the trigger LOL!

    what a saying. 
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    Not sure if there's s question in there ?

    or is it a statement of what you are doing?
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    Soz Mick, now I am cohearhant I forget to be direct.

    Basically when I get my LEW to get the full benefit shall I still microwave them etc or if I drink them as is am I losing some protein......if its neglibable I am not fussed, of its night and day I will microwave them.

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    Thx mate :)

    as as little as 40 secs iirc in the microwave improves the bio avail. Sure it's around 50 percent mate
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    The last info I read on the subject was to slightly cook them, but of course, what's slightly cooked to one person isn't the same to another, so I don't think it's too much help , personally I'd just stick then in a dry frying pan for 30 seconds Ethan.
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    Thanx Harry and Mick!
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    They will be pasturised if from BP, Musclefood etc and so no need to cook.

    The pasturising will take care of the bio availability issue.

    Expensive protein though mate.