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    just wondering how you work out what macros if need for various different goals.
    Say if I wanted a lean bulk, or a cut or what not.

    I've googled it, but it all gives different amounts per kg. What would you guys say?
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    Honestly I think it comes down to you and experimenting.

    I've been really cutting hard over the last 5 months and have dropped well over 50lb now. I've done keto, varied refeeds, put carbs back in, added in cardio, increased carbs, lowered carbs, had protein veg days etc etc. All the while I've monitored myself in the mirror, scales, gym and general moods while also tracking everything. I've learned more about my body in this time than I have in over 10 years and now diet on 25% more calories and 100% more carbs than I used to all while losing weight at the same rate.

    From this I will then slowly come out increasing macros super slow on a 2 week period and monitor to learn again.

    I know it sounds like a ball ache but honestly taking your time to learn about yourself will save you months and years in the long term
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