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    Good article, I remember reading that in one of the first bbing magazines i bought.
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    Yeah it was void of jazz and bull by the looks of things
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    Cheers Scrappy, always came across as quite a complex character, and one of many who didn't feel they were treated fairly at the big competitions, there was quite a long list really.
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    Good reading, thanks for posting it up Scrappy.

    Mentzer did seem like a troubled soul.....I do like his earlier work/ideas on training though before it got retarded (training each muscle group once every month with one set or some sh*t...lol).
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    I was unlucky enough to buy his book along with DY 'warrior' book ,the philosphy of MM ,there is some golden nuggets but the rest is waffle and I suspect even if my IQ was above 32 it would still be waffle.

    I think the final workout is about 2 sets each after 2 light rep WU's

    Nautilus lat P/O

    Leg press or smith squat or something

    Wait 14 days



    Anyhow it was only 4 exercises every 14 days.

    Very little diet info in the book though his original PDF suggested eating I think a exact surplus ED like 32KCAL or something which over a yr equates to a stone muscle over a year or .....something.

    I think him and bro Ray had pretty severe amphetmine habits at the end and caught the start of the 'bain' craze.

    Physique wise I think him and Ray were fukin amazing ,better than Zane for me + class porno tache.

    Arm's measured in realistically not BS at 18+ although they look even bigger.

    More rumour has it he had to half murder himself CV wise to get in shape for comps. 

    I have no idea looking at hem side by side why Ray did not do aswell.

    I think they were both sectioned at one point and their deaths were ....well pretty fuckdup especially Ray 48hr later.

    In a earlier section he gave his best ever workout for 'his original' solid gains as a 1/2 body EOD split.

    Best rumour I heard though was his deca usage was off the scale 3g+ mark......this was when deca was deca .

    His cadence was drilled into you at 4 seconds for negs but for everything exercise which is not realistic and the HIT program was unfinished in the sense that once you top out on weight you add intensity technique ad infinitum until.....well look at DY.

    DC training to me a ripped off HIT ,beat the log book etc with delaod/cruise periods. Even DY advocate stages now and deloads in a sense.

    .......and there is a section in his book about training DY. He did train DY 3 day split over 1 week PPL at Venice Golds.
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    Some pretty crazy stories about those guys....

    As I understand it, there are many variations of what might be considered HIT philosophy - but all of them are based on similar principles.  

    • Get the most out the least
    • Train progressively with an emphasis on improving strength performance
    • High Intensity/Lower Volume

    I think that is generally a solid philosophy.....but like most ideas, people often take it too far and end up going full retard with what started as out as a logical way of thinking.

    I think both Dorian's method and the DC method share a similar concept to much of Mentzers early work in their ideas and concepts....the key difference is that DY's approach is higher volume (I would actually class Dorian Yates style as moderate volume) per body part and DC is higher frequency.

    IMO, I do like the simplicity of these approaches - but there does need to be some kind of periodization built into them as it's very difficult to train heavy week in week out and expect to continually add weight or reps to the bar on a weekly basis.   

    Like you say though Ethan, both DY and DC did actually "cycle" up to peaks and de-loads.