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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Irish Beast, Jun 11, 2017.

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    i was going to order some off that goldenglo site, but then you have to set up and account and use CC, which i dont want.

    the guy i normally get it off said basically what i already knew, its from china and not regulated, so batches are different each time round. Cant really test them, just come as they are.

    dont know whether the MT2 on the online sites are actually stronger and better quality? I know you can buy pharma grade peptides easily, but ph grade MT2?
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    I started MT2 again just after i posted on this thread. 1 bottle in I've got a tan, but defo weaker than ive had before. And after a sunbed last night im not burnt but have that sore skin sort of feeling that you get when burnt. still happy with the colour though and going to just maintenance dose now.
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    Well I got ever so slightly burnt yesterday on the beds. Shouldn't be happening after nearly 3 bottles of mt2! 9 mins on sunbed which is hardly excessive!