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    The economic picture is more bleak than even I had predicted. The next 5 years are looking awful.

    The current Tory government are now basically Proto-Fascist.
    The government printed 450 billion quid and nobody even knows how many billions have been swiped through Covid - all we know so far is that the government are lying about the true picture. How can this shit happen in the UK? Russia I can believe, but the UK? WTF?

    Will be interesting to see how Labour do in May - definitely expecting a Tory backlash, but the opposition are fairly hopeless - I expect things will have to get a lot worse before they get better. It does look extremely likely that we'll be in recession soon.

    I think Labour will push for electoral reform (PR-STV) at the next GE and to get SNP onboard, they'll offer them IndyRef2.
    I think there is a stronger chance than ever, that Scotland will be gone within 4 to 8 years - especially if we stay at the back of the G20 economically.
    GDP growth is running at .1% with National Debt through the roof. Sweet Jeebus.

    UK Wealth Inequality is now among the worst in the world.
    The rich have gotten a whole lot richer during Covid (assets surging).
    And every fucker who actually works for a living is getting taxed into a lower socio-economic bracket.
    Property way overdue a correction - I think we are going to see the same nonsense as the States soon - rich people buying up all the assets and renting them back to the plebs for life.
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