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Discussion in 'Performance Enhancing Drugs' started by Kratos, Mar 14, 2017.

  1. Kratos

    Kratos Elite Member

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    Rohm. Used it years a go. Rated it.
    Thought it had disappeared. Friend has it.
    An imposter or good to go?
  2. Arterial Dan

    Arterial Dan Administrator Staff Member

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    Back around 2011 to 2013, I used to really rate it

    Not seen it on offer for a while now, so no current advice
  3. Ronnie_Malenko

    Ronnie_Malenko Elite Member

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    Used a ttm long ester cpl months back seemed to be decent
  4. Clubber Lang

    Clubber Lang Elite Member

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    ive used the oils off and on for a while, no PIP and anyways seem to work, strength and size increases and ive been on steds for probably over a decade, so must be decent lol.

    not tried rohm orals for ages tho. When it comes to dbol, naps etc, i always stick to pharma grade, DS, SB Labs etc.

    Neuro Pharma are popular around my way at the moment. People having to lower dose on oils like test-e and tren as its knocking theyre socks off. Ive got a NP test-e to try at some point because everyones raving about it. Tempted to try theyre Mass 400 blend as a close friend has had to lower his dose to 2ml EW due to sides, must be good! lol. Use NP 50mg Var ED at that made an instant difference, huge pump during training on first day of taking lol.
  5. stewedw

    stewedw Senior Member

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    I don't rate rohm, I enjoyed Np range but have since changed to Taylor made and the difference is very noticeable on every level. I couldn't go above 200mg on their tren e, and that was without my usual front load. The test e 250 was mint too. After b&c for a while with Wildcat and not switched and got all the positive test effects, libido etc. The dnp is top drawer too. Also enjoyed the npp. Haven't used the orals yet