Why A Seven Day Training Routine?

Discussion in 'All About Training' started by Mobster, Oct 23, 2016.

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    I wrote a quick bit on David Gentle's forum in response to a training program suggestion and it reminded me of the coaching I did back in Gloucester.

    Pretty much every training routine ever is based on a 7 day week. Be it Mon-Wed-Fri or similar. Yet for many, in the hard end parts of many cycles recovery is such an issue that sticking to the program is daft. Other than work and other outside aspects getting in the way it's better, in many cases, to look at periods of recovery and train when required.

    With more and more of us having kit at home and most, if not all, gyms now open every day of the week (some 24hrs a day) why not change to what you need to do rather than what you're forced to do.
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    Very true, I've trained a 4 session rotation mon-wed-fri-mon for quite some time now