Addsfit Mini Massage Gun Review 2021

We got our hands on the latest addsfit mini massage Gun by, enjoy our review below.

How much does the addsfit mini massage gun cost?

The addsfit mini massage gun is priced at £77.00 which is significantly less than most of the standard sized massage guns which are circa £150-£250. We consider this to be good value for money considering it essentially does the same as the larger massage guns for half the price!

How is the build quality and look of the addsfit mini massage gun?

The overall package of the mini massage gun is great.  Straight out of the cardboard box the massage gun comes in a great portable hold case which ensures it stays well protected. When we opened the case we were expecting to find a simple plastic massage gun, how wrong were we!

Unboxing of the beautiful addsfit mini massage gun

The version we received is in a grey metal finish which looks beautiful. They also do a pink version which looks just as impressive. The design is all metal and has a solid weighty feel to it that’s not too heavy. Even the extensions/heads are metal and well made. This massage gun looks beautiful and feels incredibly well made.

What comes with the addsfit mini massage gun?

In the box you receive the following:

  • Mini Massage Gun
  • Two massage heads, flat (less intense) and thumb (more intense)
  • Type C USB charging cable
  • Instruction booklet
  • Massage Gun Case


addsfit massage two gun adjustable heads/extensions

What do we like about the addsfit mini massage gun?

  • Super light design, there is simply no need to have a big massage gun when this product works so well and weighs only 360g.
  • High quality build and looks beautiful in both colours.
  • Extremely portable design, you can easily put this in your gym bag.
  • Very quiet, due to the bespoke motor and quality build.
  • Three powerful speed settings offers up to 27lbs of powerful percussion massage.
  • Metal heads allow for over the clothes massage, the device is pure aluminum and that includes the heads.
  • There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee and you can get a full refund if you wish within 30 days (not that you would need to) but it shows how confident addsfit are that they believe you will love the product.
  • You can extend the 1 year warranty to 3 years for free by registering.


3 speed adjustable settings indicators


With its beautiful design and build qualiy, light weight yet solid, we highly recommend purchasing the addsfit mini massage gun. You get all the power you need in a small massage gun that is highly portable and capable. This is one of our favourite massage guns to come to the market in 2021, we really love the fact it’s so small yet still so powerful, go grab yours today at

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