Urikar AT1’s Power, Depth and Speed Test (Video)

When it comes to picking a massage gun, there are three things you should consider,how powerful the motor is, how fast the head oscillates and the massage gun amplitude or depth at which the head moves. These three factors matter because it will affect the overall comfort level of the massage. The Urikar AT1 massage … Continue reading “Urikar AT1’s Power, Depth and Speed Test (Video)”

What Makes The Urikar AT1 Massage Gun Great

With Father’s Day just around the corner, you’ve either planned ahead and already have a gift for your dad or you’re still looking for a gift your dad will love ? If you have no clue about the gift and do not wanna take time to sort through what seems like millions of items, we’re … Continue reading “What Makes The Urikar AT1 Massage Gun Great”

Addsfit Mini Massage Gun Review 2021

We got our hands on the latest addsfit mini massage Gun by www.addsfit.com, enjoy our review below. How much does the addsfit mini massage gun cost? The addsfit mini massage gun is priced at £77.00 which is significantly less than most of the standard sized massage guns which are circa £150-£250. We consider this to … Continue reading “Addsfit Mini Massage Gun Review 2021”

Your Complete Massage Gun Review Guide

The Top 7 Massage Guns to Purchase in 2021! We’ve all been there, the hectic chores of life take over and we find that we don’t have enough time for ourselves. Between our jobs, social lives, daily workout routines, and trying to get a solid eight hours of sleep, our well-being is often left behind, … Continue reading “Your Complete Massage Gun Review Guide”