Fortitude ebook print problem.

Discussion in 'Fortitude Training' started by Tommy6, Jul 24, 2014.

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    IMO yes, but you'd need to possibly compensate by opting for easier exercises on other body parts.
    You'll know within a couple of weeks, I guess, how well you're recuperating at whetever tier level you've started at.
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    Sure as a loading exercise for upper body.
    Rack pulls work well for muscle rounds.
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    LOL - Indeed. I had to execute a citizen's arrest on a couple guys selling stacks of them outside one of the local powerhouse gyms the other day. ;)

    I think there just might be a lithe EPOC goin' on there, eh?... LOL

    (I routinely get my HR up to my age predicted max after a nifty set of MR's. My age-predicted max was within a beat or two / min of my max tested on a treadmill years ago in grad school.)

    For sure. Two options generally present themselves.

    -Use the deeds for Loading sets, generally putting the back width movement FIRST that day (ensure lat / upper back focus during the DL's)

    -A PL'er who wants to maintain DL in his regimen when using FT could do Deads for his loading sets, perhaps extending the rest interval a bit if needed to ensure safe form with heavier loads...

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