What is Anadrol?

What is Oxymetholone? Oxymetholone, Anadrol 50s, Naps, or Nap 50s are some of the most common terms associated with Anadrol. Anadrol is the most potent and powerful oral anabolic steroid on the market. In fact, it is quite scary how big and strong people can become in six weeks on it. Nap 50s have been … Continue reading “What is Anadrol?”

What is Winstrol?

What is Winstrol? Winstrol, Winny or Stanozolol, is one of the worlds most recognized oral steroid, after Dianabol, which has been on the market since the mid to late ’60s. It has long been the oral of choice for competitive bodybuilders and athletes. Winny is a very powerful oral PED. As far as lean gains … Continue reading “What is Winstrol?”

What is Anavar

What is Anavar? Anavar or ‘var’, is another fantastic oral steroid which has been on the market since the mid to late ’60s. It has long been the oral of choice for pre-competition bodybuilders and in more recent years is a favourite summer drug for regular gym-goers.  Var, in terms of gains, has always been … Continue reading “What is Anavar”

What is Dianabol?

What is Dianabol? Dianabol or Dbol as it is most commonly known is probably the most recognized steroid on the market today. Often referred to as the ‘breakfast of champions’, dbol has been used in by athletes since 1956.  Dbol was first introduced around 1955 and was favoured amongst the US Olympic team. The need … Continue reading “What is Dianabol?”

What is Primobolan

What is Primobolan?   Primobolan or primo, as it is more often known, is a performance-enhancing drug which has been on the market since the ’60s. Primo has often been overlooked due to its mild gains and expensive price tag, however, when used at higher doses it does offer great gains in lean muscle. Many … Continue reading “What is Primobolan”

What is Masteron prop?

Masteron prop is a performance-enhancing drug most commonly associated with pre-competition cycles. It is very subtle in its effects and works synergistically with other drugs to help create an overall leaner and denser physique. Athletes, especially those involved in sports which require bouts of speed also favour Masteron thanks to its ability to promote solid, … Continue reading “What is Masteron prop?”

What is Boldenone Undecylenate?

Equipoise Boldenone is a very different type of performance enhancer, primarily due to the fact it is a veterinary drug. You may come across vials labelled as boldenone undecylenate or ‘Equipoise’, equipoise being the brand name it was manufactured under. Boldenone shows similar characteristics to deca, it has a long ester to reduce injection frequency … Continue reading “What is Boldenone Undecylenate?”

What is Sustanon?

Sustanon Sustanon is likely to be the first injectable steroid you ever hear off. Almost every athlete or user of PEDs starts on some form of testosterone and for many that is Sustanon. Commonly referred to as ‘Sust’ or ‘Sust 250’, Sustanon is a combination of four different esters of testosterone in one. The point … Continue reading “What is Sustanon?”

What is Trenbolone Acetate?

Trenbolone Acetate Trenbolone acetate, commonly referred to as ‘Tren A’ or ‘Tren Ace’ is referred to as the ‘King of steroids’ for a reason. Users can experience huge gains in lean muscle mass and all-out strength in a relatively short period of time. Tren is known to promote lean gains and also give a more … Continue reading “What is Trenbolone Acetate?”