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    I don't post up much anymore really but saw someone revived this thread so thought I'd add to it. I worked with Con for a long time. This is what I did under his guidance. You have from left to right, Start - Year 1 - Year 2 roughly. Photos aren't great but I am very similar BF% in 2 & 3 but a lot bigger.
    Con is a top guy and a really good online coach, I am sure he's even 10x better in person if you live anywhere near by his him. Unfortunately I don't so it was all online.
    If you want someone to mollycoddle you and tell you bullshit to make you feel good then he's not your guy. If you want someone straight to the point who doesn't give you BS and jest tells you what to do then definitely use his services.
    After I reached that last look I've been going on my own, I have gained so much knowledge and experience from him that I know where I am at. Things are going well. But even though I no longer pay him, if I ever want any specific advice, he always helps out and still takes the time and goes into great detail. Its really nice that when you have spoken to someone weekly for 2 years he doesn't drop you like nothing, when the money stops.

    I would highly recommend anyone serious about making progress and is willing to put the work in to seek help from Con. Any money you spend with him is an investment into life long knowledge and an improved physique.

    Thanks as always @Con

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    Impressive physique mate
    Completely agree with everything you've said also
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    Thank you guys, I appreciate the kind words!

    I consider my long term clients friends by the end of it (only very rarely don't I feel like that lol).
    So any time they need some help or my opinion I will be there!

    But yes, very blunt and straight to the point....not sure how to be any other way tbh!
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