By Popular Demand - The Virgin Voyage Fortitude Training Package!

Discussion in 'Fortitude Training' started by Scott Stevenson, Aug 18, 2015.

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    Have you ever had scott coach u con? Seems like
    Match made in heaven

  2. Con

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    I did a QnA with him a few years ago.
    It was well worth the money.
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    No mate. I am currently enjoying the services of a coach so it would be a pointless investment for the moment... however I am going to buy the book.
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    Wow, Con! I am seriously flattered...

    I, like you, try to sponge up as much as I can, and simply want to share my passion. Drugs are, as Dave Tate has said, a trump card so to speak. For most, it's a given that it will make a difference, so that's not quite as interesting... sometimes. OTOH, the pharmacology, as is the case with neutraceuticals and OTC supplements, is fascinating from the standpoint of getting more from less. I think that so much of the journey can be lost in following the route of just use more gear.

    It's funny, because when I write articles, I try to come up with things that I don't know, at least to some extent. It makes it tough and very time consuming, but all the more rewarding, which fits right in with the rewards of bodybuilding. (Go figure.)

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